Welcome to Mark Maxwell Music

This is the online home of saxophonist and recording artist Mark Maxwell. The music here is beautiful, romantic, elegant, and sophisticated.

When you hear this music you’ll feel good.  It’s just that simple.

How do we know how you’ll feel when you hear this music? We know because we’ve sold over half a million of our 18 CDs, and people have told us over and over again about how great they feel when they hear Mark’s music.

They use words like: love, beautiful, enjoy, happy, heart, amazing, perfect, inspire, romantic, favorite, best, healing, smooth, sweet, great, believe, and soothing.

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Mark Maxwell Music is: smooth music that grooves and uplifts you through your day; dinner music that creates a sophisticated, relaxed, and romantic ambiance; relaxing music that helps drain your tension away; romantic sax music that creates the perfect mood for making love; soft background music that is soothing relaxing, but also helps you focus while you work or read; easy listening music that creates a pleasing background ambiance as you move through your day; exciting and motivating saxophone blues music; and sax christmas music that is both incredibly beautiful and deeply inspirational.

Yes, we know what people love about our music. And we know you’ll love it, too. We guarantee it!

Go listen, and enjoy!