Booking Mark Maxwell

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If you’re looking for a unique performer, look no further. You’ve found him: saxophonist Mark Maxwell.

Mark is a performer who’s style is as versatile as it is dynamic, and who’s specialty is in the creation of an intensely romantic and sophisticated ambiance.

Either as a solo artist or with his band, it is, indeed, a unique performance experience, encompassing a variety of styles and moods and featuring arrangements that highlight each song and style to perfection.

As a solo artist, the music is taken directly from his 18 CDs, and uses special high-quality mixes from those CDs as background tracks so the music you hear sounds exactly like the CDs.

Mark’s repertoire is extensive and widely varied in a number of styles:

  • mellow and romantic jazz standards
  • hip smooth jazz covers and originals
  • smokin’ blues covers and originals
  • holiday songs, very beautiful

You are invited to take a few minutes and explore Mark’s performance repertoire.

Having performed in a very wide variety of settings and occasions, Mark is extensively experienced and impeccably professional (references available, of course). He has a very outgoing and entertaining personality and people love his performances.  Witness:

“Thanks again for playing at our Christmas party!!!! All our guests were blown away at how wonderful it sounded in the house and were very impressed with your performance. We would love to have you come back again next year. Thanks again and Merry Christmas.”-Julie Farmer, Morino Valley, CA

“I thought you were simply FABULOUS. Your love of music and passion for the saxophone was translated into beautiful music that fed my soul.  The other added bonus, aside from your awesome music, was that you have a super personality!  You have the ability to welcome people into your world and make them feel like old friends being given a very special gift.”-Carol Sinclair, Newport Beach, CA

“Mark, when you played your sax at our table I thought my wife was going to faint with delight. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us!”-John and Mary Beckwith, Sacrmento, CA

“My number one favorite thing about your performance was the personal feeling that was communicated. Yes, the feeling of comfort and appreciation that you offered was tops, second only to your music !!!” -Robbi and Jim Niesen, Encinitas, CA

I must say that we were very taken with your stage presence and your delightful personality! Thanks very much for the opportunity to meet you and to listen to your music.”-Lory and Dave Gorman., Palm Springs, CA

“We loved hearing you on the Mexico cruise! Your music is really from your heart, and it shows in every piece you did.”-Carmy Sherman, Long Beach, CA

“Man, you blew our minds! Keep playing that sax and we’ll keep coming to see you!” -Suzanne & Dave Lennox, Glendale, CA

To reach Mark about booking opportunities please call 800-627-5629 or email Mark.  Your audience and guests will love Mark Maxwell.  And so will you.