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Always is hip and energetic, a collection of smooth jazz originals and covers, and it’s one of our favorites.

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1. Always (by Mark Maxwell) $1
2. The Road Less Traveled (by Mark Maxwell) $1
3. Floating (written by Sanjay Divecha) $1
4. Groovin’ (On A Sunday Afternoon) $1
5. Funkingruvin’ (by Mark Maxwell) $1
6. Thank You For Loving Me (by Mark Maxwell) $1
7. The Road Less Traveled (Reprise) (by Mark Maxwell) $1
8. Swamp Thang (by Mark Maxwell) $1
9. Sweet Caitlin (written by Barry Kettery) $1
10. Spangled Banner (traditional) $1
11. When Lights Are Low (And Love Comes Around) (by Mark Maxwell) $1
12. Life Is Moments (by Mark Maxwell) $1
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Also, do these things:

  • Embrace the Infinite!
  • Take the Road Less Travelled!
  • Don’t hurt Children!
  • Notice the Beauty around you!
  • Look Upward and Outward!
  • Relax…
  • Let your Hair down.
  • Be True to the ones you love!
  • Enjoy your Freedom!
  • Live in the Moment!
  • Be Romantic!