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Angel Biscuit

Upbeat, lively, and smooth! Get your groove on!

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Groove-based, party music – energetic, provocative. Great for that backyard BBQ or the long drive home. Music that inspires!  (All songs by Mark Maxwell except ‘Use Me’.)

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6. Angel Biscuit $1
7. Saxobamarama $1
8. Use Me $1
9. Late Night 80 $1
10. Planet Groove $1
11. Mama Din’ Bring No Suitcase $1
12. Song For Kirk (Whalum) $1
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Roberta and I were out one evening with friends, got into having drinks and laughs, and decided that nothing could be better than giving ourselves drinking names. Mine was ‘Saximus Maximus’ (call me Saximus for short).

Somebody suggested Roberta’s name should be Angelique Biscotti. We all laughed it up – we thought that was a fine idea.  And in one of those rare and sudden but defining moments, Roberta turned to me, gave me a ‘look’ and said, “That’s Angel Biscuit to you.”

That was even better and funnier and somehow much more intimate. Now, over time, the memory of that particular moment has seasoned into an image-inducing iconic metaphor for those times when friends are good, times are fun, and the creative force of spirit and love flow. The ‘Angel Biscuit’ moment. Ah, my little Angel Biscuit… Enjoy! —————————————————–

Listener comments about Angel Biscuit:

My husband and I fell in love with you and your music on our Saturday visit to the 2008 Lafayette Art and Wine Festival. On Sunday we brought our granddaughter, for whom you crouched to stroller lever and played the sweetest music. That’s when we decided to adopt you, so you’re one of our family now. We received Angel Biscuit just in time for our 34th anniversary and played it all day. We’ll be taking the disc to Maui for our Valentine’s Day entertainment. Thanks for your great music and positive spirit. – Carol Davis, Lafayette, CA

Thank you for making such great music! I’ve been listening to your CDs all morning.  BTW, I already love Saxobamarama. It’s perfect for right now. To share just a little, I’m between jobs (well my day gig anyway) during these tough economic times and I can use all the uplifting I can get. Your timing couldn’t have been better. Keep doin’ what you do! – Mike Klein, Santa Clara, CA

I love, love Angel Biscuit. (I already knew that was your lovely wife’s lips on the cover.) Thanks for sending it to me. Hope you and the family are doing great.  Hugs, Carol Leong, San Mateo, CA

We received Angel Biscuit and are enjoying every minute of it. My favorite song is ‘Use Me’ – definitely a unique arrangement. I always play it a second time when listening to the CD.  Thanks again and we always enjoy listening to your ’sounds’. – John and Velma Tekach, San Diego, CA

Thanks You for the copy of your new CD, Angel Biscuit. I love it. Listening to it this AM. Very up beat and started my day with hope and energy! Breathes, tastes of the ‘Rock-n-roll’ geniuses, and that’s right – suggestions/reminders that a higher level of life is here among us. ‘Saximus Maximus’ you are an artist that inspires the world to do what they came here for…and more!  – Stacy Mora, Nevada City, CA