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Blue Moon

The mellowest of the mellow. Deeply relaxing, spacious, sophisticated and subtle.

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Music that’s like a late-night snifter of cognac: smooth, rich, mellow, and relaxing.

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1. Moonlight In Vermont $1
2. The Shadow Of Your Smile $1
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4. Take The A Train $1
5. Blue Moon $1
6. Meditation $1
7. Sophisticated Lady $1
8. In A Sentimental Mood $1
9. Autumn Leaves $1
10. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes $1
11. Here’s That Rainy Day $1
12. ‘Round Midnight $1
12. Angel Eyes $1
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This one’s something special. Timeless jazz standards performed on tenor saxophone and grand piano.

Blue Moon: a fine collection of very mellow and romantic standards. This one is unique in that it is done with sax and piano only, so it has a very spacious and beautiful sound, with lots of subtle elements.

Danilo Santinelli is a remarkable musician and educator from Argentina whom I met through a mutual friend here in California. Our mutual friend, Larry Brooding, engineered the meeting between Danilo and I, knowing that sparks would fly, and fly they did. After our first time playing together, I knew we had to get it recorded, so we immediately began planning a recording session. This CD is a product of that session.

We really labored over the tune list. We wanted to find songs that were classics but that would lend themselves to a spacious rendition. And during the recording session we continually reminded ourselves to keep it mellow, to lay back. So this CD is really, really mellow, and very consistently so.

In fact, I like to say that this CD is like a snifter of fine cognac: dark, rich, mellow, and relaxing. I hope you agree. Enjoy!

Joy to you!