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Classic jazz standards, featuring an uplifting flavor that energizes while it relaxes.

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Featuring the sexiest song ever: Europa!

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We got together in El Nino of 1998, and I’ll never forget it. It poured rain like cats and dogs for three days straight while we recorded.

My intention was to record another collection similar to Midnight Mood, because that was (and is) such a popular CD for us. In fact, if you’ll listen you can hear that the first sax line on the first song, “Over The Rainbow,” is my deliberate attempt to copy the first sax line on “Misty” (from Midnight Mood). But from there it turns left, and Nearness ends up being a much livelier collection than Midnight Mood.

But that’s a point in it’s favor, because Nearness has a very upbeat and uplifting quality that is simultaneously invigorating and relaxing. What a great collection! From “Poinciana”, “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy,” and “Barbados” to “Satin Doll” and the very sexy “Europa” it keeps you moving through the last song, our medium tempo, world-infused version of “Summertime.”

As always, great Los Angeles musicians:

Steve Weingart
Steve Weingart – keyboards

Sanjay Divecha
Sanjay Divecha – guitars

Chris Sidwell
Chris Sidwell – bass

Drummist Doug Mathews
Doug Mathews – drums

John Pickell – percussion

And, again as always, we had a great time recording these songs. Because it rained so hard for so long, the studio was like a haven, very toasty and comfortable. Can’t you hear the raindrops in the background?

Fun, upbeat, and uplifting, Nearness will pick you up and set you down easy.