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Sweet Sax

Music from the heart, truly as sweet as the title suggests.

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A collection of Mark’s soothing and relaxing originals. Our fans have told us over and over again how very passionately they love this CD. Perhaps you’re one of them? Lay back, draw a bath, light a candle, relax…

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1. I Give You My Love And My Life $1
2. Fresh Water, Cool And Pure $1
3. Gabion $1
4. Damiana $1
5. Jasmine And Rose $1
6. Airnara $1
7. Full Heart Gathering $1
8. Leonardo’s Saxophone $1
9. Annie $1
10. The Dreamers $1
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Sweet Sax is music that comes straight from my heart. It has is a descriptive title, in that the music has a very sweet quality to it throughout. I have described it many times as “Calgon music,” in other words, light a candle, draw a bath, lay back and relax. Take a listen, you’ll see what I mean.

And if you want a great song to walk down the aisle to at your wedding, take a listen to “I Give You My Love And My Life.” People have told me many times that they’ve used this song in their wedding ceremony.  It’s got a romantic and hopeful feeling to it that’s just right for that moment.