You could say that folks love Mark’s music…

We first met you at the Victorian Christmas – Nevada City about 3 years ago. You played an excerpt of Europa for Jan…. and had her (sort of) right there! We have purchased some of your albums on line and at shows we have found you at since. Great sax (wet sax kiss and all!!). Jan & I will miss you at the shows and especially the Victorian Christmas. BUT…we are attending the Harvest Festival at Cal Expo this year! If you BRING ALBUMS…..WE WILL BUY THEM! I can’t believe you are forsaking to quiet confines of Hollywood for boisterous FORT WAYNE?? (Larry is from Illinois. Ha!) We will continue to enjoy your good vibes and wish you two all the success and good will possible. ~ Janice & Larry McKnight, Lake Wildwood, CA

We have followed you and your wonderful music for many, many years with the last time seeing you at the Rib Cook-off in Sparks last year. We hope to retire in May and move to Grass Valley/Nevada City soon after. It was actually you that got us to explore that beautiful area when we went to your Christmas show 4 years ago there. Your music is very special and I will always be a big and loyal fan. I own all of your CDs and am anxious to buy your new ones. Hope you, your wife and your sweet dog will enjoy your new life and keep in touch with all of us. Thanks again for all the great music. Fondly, Lynn Vendor

Your music touched my (our) life in ways that are incapable of being put into words. You have a rare talent, and I thank God that you are not giving it up. Please, please, please keep us informed as to new music. We will make every attempt to see you at the Fountain Hills Art Show, and to get any new cd’s that we don’t yet have. Take care, best of luck to you. ~ Kim and Mike Chittick, Phoenix, AZ

Mark, I hope you much success in your new venture. I will always enjoy your beautiful music through my CDs. Good luck, good life, good future. ~ Jim Delzell

From way back when we had you on our office “Hold” button to now, I’ve enjoyed buying, listening to, and gifting your CD’s and will look forward to more developments from afar…all the way from Indiana. Funny how we always end up ‘home’ eventually! I’ll definitely stop by for a goodbye hug at the San Jose Harvest Festival! ~ Lynn Nickles, Campbell, CA

Count me among the folks who have really enjoyed your music Mark. As a sax player myself, your music has always been both enjoyable to listen to, and a source of inspiration to me. Not only that, but you are a great guy…a real “mensch.” ~ Jeff Paull

Hi Mark! I met you in Prescott over the holiday weekend @ their fair and bought Angel Biscuit. LOVE IT! If it’s possible to wear the grooves off a CD, then I’ve done so. I said it then, and I still mean it now… BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing your vibe. – Blessings, Gileana

One thing I have noticed is that your music tends to be very personal, talking about your parents, your wife, Roberta; generally speaking, about your feelings. That is quite unusual, and demonstrates a long introspection that has led to a high awareness of our human condition and what it is all about: our emotions, our feelings, etc. So I guess I have found a like-minded person (in you) and that could explain why (besides the intrinsic quality) I like your music! – Emmanuel Arnotte, Germany

I met you long ago in the Bay Area, San Francisco Area. You were playing your saxophone and selling your music at a festival. I was listening to your music cause I love the saxophone and was dancing to your music in front of your booth.  Little did I know I was drawing a small crowd behind me watching me dance to your music. When I realized there was a crowd behind me watching me I got embarrassed and stopped dancing; my girlfriend and I laughed I was so embarrassed.  I stopped dancing and bought 2 music CDs from you and so did a lot of the people in the crowd. You signed mine for helping you boost your sales with my sexy dance hahahahaha. I have never forgotten you and I play your music all the time. I work as a physical and occupational therapist aid and also do massages for people. I massage people and play your CD Blue Moon to relax the people for the massage session. I love your music so much, you play so beautifully. – Doreen Lanfranco, San Francisco, CA

My wife, daughter and I attended the Tempe Festival of the Arts last weekend. Fortunate for us…..we met you.  We absolutely love your music!  You are my favorite saxman.  It took about 2 CDs to be convinced!  I bought six, and it’s guaranteed I will buy more.  Thank you for your beautiful music.  By the way, while we were talking to you, your son came over to talk to you and ask you a question.  If was obvious that you have a deliriously incredible relationship with him and he with you. You Rock, Mark!  I hope we get to meet you again someday.  – Rob and Nadine Kagel, Phoenix, AZ

Just wanted to tell you how much I love your music. How I love you guys (on Nearness). It’s the most beautiful album — I can listen to it over and over.  Thanks so much for all your talent!  – Marcy, Vermont

My wife and I have been traveling to Cocoa Florida for about 22 years now. I have to say one of the highlights was being introduced to your amazing talent. I just love your CDs Angel Biscuit, Nearness and Sweet Sax. Thanks for providing so much listening enjoyment. – Ward Robertson, Ontario, Canada

Mark, I am getting such JOY from the 8 CDs I got from you! I cannot tell you how happy they are making me.  EXACTLY my kinda music: standards, jazzy, sexy and low…even the Christmas songs!!  You’re are an amazing artist, Mark, as are your pals.  Are you really famous and I’ve just been living under a rock? – Jacky deHaviland, Hermosa Beach, CA

– Calvin & Diane, Camarillo, CA

I just got Dance With Me and it is beautiful. Thank you, it makes me reminisce.  Like you, I loved my wife very much.  We were as one together and enjoyed music, dance, and all other pleasures in life.  She is gone now 11 years and I still miss her a great deal.  Your music is so vibrant and soothing – I love it!  Until we meet again stay healthy and keep loving Roberta as you do. – Walter Blomgren, US Submarine Vet, Glendale, AZ

Just heard Midnight Mood. This is the best sax music I’ve heard in my 76 years on this good green earth.  I need some more! – Bruce McLachlan, Alpine, CA

I received your newest CD (Angel Biscuit) a while back and absolutely love it!!!  You are awesome.  Your personality definitely comes out in your playing.  I loved Angel Biscuit so much I ordered a copy today to send to my sis and her husband. Thanks again for all the music…I really love to see  you pursuing your dreams. – Barbara Wedekind, Hollister, CA

My husband and I fell in love with you and your music on our Saturday visit to the 2008 Lafayette Art and Wine Festival. On Sunday we brought our granddaughter, for whom you crouched to stroller lever and played the sweetest music. That’s when we decided to adopt you, so you’re one of our family now. We received Angel Biscuit just in time for our 34th anniversary and played it all day. We’ll be taking the disc to Maui for our Valentine’s Day entertainment. Thanks for your great music and positive spirit. – Carol Davis, Lafayette, CA

Thank you for making such great music! I’ve been listening to your CDs all morning.  BTW, I already love Saxobamarama. It’s perfect for right now. To share just a little, I’m between jobs (well my day gig anyway) during these tough economic times and I can use all the uplifting I can get. Your timing couldn’t have been better. Keep doin’ what you do! – Mike Klein, Santa Clara, CA

I love, love Angel Biscuit. (I already knew that was your lovely wife’s lips on the cover.) Thanks for sending it to me. Hope you and the family are doing great.  Hugs, Carol Leong, San Mateo, CA

I wanted to let you know how glad I am that we have been able to purchase so much of your great music. I’m listening to the cd’s here in my office. What a wonderful way to have spent the $$. – Ellen Matthews, Fort Wayne, IN

One of my wife’s favorite pieces is Europa – you got her in 3 notes! We bought Nearness on the spot, and have played the !#$%^&* out of it since. – Larry McKnight, Penn Valley, CA

We received Angel Biscuit and are enjoying every minute of it. My favorite song is ‘Use Me’ – definitely a unique arrangement. I always play it a second time when listening to the CD.  Thanks again and we always enjoy listening to your ‘sounds’. – John and Velma Tekach, San Diego, CA

Thanks You for the copy of your new CD, Angel Biscuit. I love it. Listening to it this AM. Very up beat and started my day with hope and energy! Breathes, tastes of the ‘Rock-n-roll’ geniuses, and that’s right – suggestions/reminders that a higher level of life is here among us. ‘Saximus Maximus’ you are an artist that inspires the world to do what they came here for…and more!  – Stacy Mora, Nevada City, CA


I love your music and I have listened to the CD’s I have of yours for hundred’s of hours. I have them on my laptop, my iPod, and I have a great stereo system in my truck that allows me to put CD’s onto a Hard Drive so I don’t have to messing with CD’s.  All for my listening pleasure!

The main reason I wanted to write is to express how thankful I am to have had your beautiful music in my life. This year I spent two weeks in the hospital and over six weeks at home recovering, and I wanted to share with you how much your music meant to me during that time.

My husband brought my iPod to me when I was in the hospital, after I told him I didn’t want to be bothered with music (that meant I was REALLY sick). Well, he did (I guess you already figured that out).  It sat for a couple of days, then I decided to pick it up and try to distract me from being there.  I picked your music and hit play.

The heart monitor stayed pretty steady at 125 beats per minute, which is really high.  I laid there and listened to your music for about 35 minutes and when I opened my eyes and just happened to look at the monitor, it had dropped over 20 beats!!!!  The nurse was walking in at that time and even made the comment about it, I said, “I guess music does heal.”

Well I made it home and was on an oxygen tank for almost a month and had to stay in the house for over six weeks.  Which is okay considering I live in Big Bear and in January and February is nasty most of the time.  I continued listening to your CD’s, even the Christmas ones, and my heart rate dropped, my breathing became deeper and slower.

Now I am back to being in fantastic  health, and I still listen to your CD’s constantly!  I just really wanted to say thank you and I will always be a fan of yours! -Jeanine Sturgeon, Big Bear, CA


Mark, as a “retired” tenor sax guy (in Stan Getz’s style… kinda sorta wishful thinking), I was just knocked out by your stuff that was playing at my local small neighborhood hardware store Sunday.  I had the manager go find the CD jewel box and I had my wife order your Blue Moon album for me for Christmas.  I had never heard of you before then and I thought I had a good handle on the good sax guys. Then I discovered your other albums on your website and they’re great. It looks like I’ll be asking for more real quick.  I really dig your stuff Mark. If you ever play live in SOCAL, I’d love to take my wife up there from San Diego where we live to hear you play.  – Jerry Bransford, Escondido, CA

Last night I attended the “Sold Out” Jazz Supper Club; ask anyone who was there and they will tell you that Mark Maxwell was great. Even when he stopped playing just after 11pm the room was still packed and standing in appreciation for a super performance. We will have Mark back for a very special fall event and trust me you are in for a special treat. – Vince Lepara, President – Rancho Murieta Country Club, Rancho Murieta, CA

I am still reeling from last night. I have heard nothing but positive and glowing comments about the show. That was one of the most enjoyable nights of music that I have had since I saw BB King (1976) in a little 100 seat club in Southern California. Seriously, the band hit on all twelve cylinders. Oldsters and youngsters alike were amazed with the musicianship that they witnessed. Mark, you are truly blessed, not only with your music, but with your ability to touch the hearts and souls of so many individuals with your sincerity and obvious love for humankind. Denise and I have met many people in the entertainment industry and we truly believe that our paths have crossed with you and Roberta for a reason. You were obviously in your element. – Marvin Edens, Rancho Murieta, CA

What a delightful surprise to see you this past weekend in Walnut Creek…it always makes my day. You are such a gifted and talented musician. Keep blessing us with your gifts (I am loving my CD’s). Hope to see you again very soon. – Carolann and Robert Elmore

I just have to say you are incredible! I am enjoying your e-mail messages almost as much as your song of the week. #4 (Taj Majal) is my favorite so far! In your last e-mail you said you were moving – I hope not from Nevada City which is where we hope to retire in a few years. Are you planning another concert like you did a year ago Christmas in Grass Valley? That was so special. You have to record a new CD since I think I now own every single one. Keep the music coming. – Lynn V., Sebastopol, CA

Mark – we just finished listening to ‘Wahe Guru’ and were most pleased by the piece. With the lights out and the computer screen dark, it was very relaxing. Keep up the excellent work and thank you for sending me the songs of the week and updates. Cheers, Tim

Hello Mark: I wanted to let you know we have listened to all the albums I got from you, they are wonderful. I mentioned that I am a instructor in art and this past week I have played them in class as well at home and in the car, we are enjoying them very much. The CDs were great to play in class at a good hearing level, it added to the atmosphere of the class; I have over 30 painters in each class, and could enjoy the music as well as paint. Wishing you all your success and sharing music with us all out there. My wife has enjoyed these as well. – Carl Larson, Fremont, CA

Listened to Looking For Adventure and I liked it lots. Gets you moving and a great one to get things done around the house too. I have almost every CD and love the music. Keep up the great work and I love being by you at the Harvest shows so I can listen to you all weekend. A true fan, Jeanette

I was soooooooooo excited to get your newsletter and all that it contains ESPECIALLY your newest Frequency of Knowing. It is just as beautiful as all your work, loved it. Loved the blip about the song and you and your wife. I have met you both several times, in SF at a crafts fair, in Nevada City last (you had just lost your dog, I think had to be put down, very sad for you and your wife)..but I always introduce myself, small blond, always excited about your music and tell everyone who walks by. I told you I should really sell your product because I love it so much. Anyways, I had surgery a week ago and will be off work for 6 more weeks, this was a real treat and I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT TRYING TO CONTACT YOU off one of my Cd’s I have as I want more. Can’t wait for you to make a CD with all your weekly tunes. I think I will have to go shopping and get some more Mark Maxwell! – Sherrie Blum

I am listening to Frequency Of Knowing right now, (at work)……. very soothing…….. and yes, the wah-wah is cool…… grooving to it right now, as i speak! Very cool….. the “freq. of knowing”……. i’m pleased that you and Roberta have that…..and it makes me smile to know that you know……….. okay, that sounded really hoaky……. none the less, I meant it deeply, i even had tears in my heart as i wrote it….. and a deep feeling in my chest. Think I will listen to it again, as it makes work and things seem lighter today. – Rachel Mathews, Glendale, CA

Just to let you know that my lady lover found your music inspiring to strip to privately for me. I really enjoy enjoy your style and arrangements, tone, and higher register, dynamics, and soul. She does a really good strip and improvisational dance for me. So, bud, your music is being really used for the good life. Best to you and your lady, by the way we listen to the CD with pictures of you and your lady, (Dance With Me); really sexy and romantic and soulful. – Schawkie Roth, Woodacre, CA

Sweet Jesus in the mornin…boy, you can play! I don’t even know how your cd, Nearness, got into my collection but one day I found it and put it on…I was hooked. This cd STAYS on my player. Come on down here into the land of Stevie Ray Vaughn and let us hear you live. Lawd have mercy, what a gift you’ve got! – George A., Crowley, TX

Keep up the good work! You inspire me with my own sax playing! – Johan D., Antwerp, Belgium

While I was listening to your music it put me into a trance. In my mind I was transported to Paris to a street side café looking into the eyes of my wife while your music played in the background; it was a magical quick daydream – the air filled with love. I guess this may sound strange coming from a guy, but you know your music gets right down into my heart and soul and really it makes me feel the heat I felt the first time I kissed my wife. I have your music queued and ready to go for tonight’s Valentines Day evening of LOVE. Thank you so much for creating, composing and playing such emotional romantic soulful music! – Nathan J., Your New Fan

You definitely want to keep Mark Maxwell on your radar. You’ve got to check out his Saxual Healing CD. The music is smooth and very appealing. I recently became aware of Mark’s music, but look forward to hearing much more from this artist. -Jackie Anderson, Radio Personality – WJAB 90.9 FM, Huntsville, AL.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your music (my clients also). But even more so for myself, because it is soothing and healing to my heart and soul. I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer and I’m thankful for your tunes. It is helping me get through this, and will get me through this. My favorites are Sweet Sax and Saxual Healing; quite appropriate. You are a true musician – keep it up! – Linda T.

Dear Dreamweaver, I bought 5 CDs thinking I would probably like one or two better than the others…yeah, well, I’ve been wrong before but never this much! I’ve been playing ALL FIVE CD’s pretty much continuously in my shop and they are all great. My customers tend to linger and listen and I found myself dancing dreamily to the Blue Moon cut with my store manniquin Emily this afternoon (much to the amusement of the customer that I hadn’t noticed). Thank you for the lovely sounds… -Donni E., Troutdale, OR

I was astounded to discover your music. As a recent widower, 68 years old, I do find your approach to music healing and hopeful. Love is the answer. I am sure you must inspire even the jaded. The three CDs I purchased now occupy one half of the space on my six CD changer. Driving has become inspirational. When I listen to your music, I remember romantic love and I am determined to find it again. -Wes B., Sacramento, CA

I need to admit that I never heard about your music before but maybe is because for years the sax has became just a hobby to relax and please my wife with some smooth melodies and I’m not in the music environment as before. However if I would had heard your music before maybe my first sax would be a Tenor instead of an Alto. Now I’m very happy to know your work and soon have your music in my house helping me, my wife and my Tenor Sax enjoy music like never before. Thank you. –-Héctor C., Guayama, Puerto Rico

Mark, it is evident you have the talent and charisma to create a huge sense of impact. You have the finesse and ease to take a person away with out them realizing it. I carried the feeling of your concert long after the music had ended. A sense of rich musical flavors having been tasted, left a lingering of notes that I still enjoyed. -Jerianne Van Dijk, Host of the Friday Morning show, KVMRfm Nevada City, CA

I can’t begin to tell you how much Chrissy and I enjoyed the concert on Friday evening. I was never a fan of jazz, but you have given me a new outlook on it. I love it. The way you play to the audience is unbelieveable. You make everyone feel special when you play. I have really enjoyed you and Roberta and I think the two of you are wonderful people. Keep up the GREAT work. -Chris P., Sacramento, CA

I had actually purchased one of your CD’s a couple years ago for my father for Christmas. That day we listened to it. Everyone just loved your music. I just recently received an email about your CD’s. I went online and remembered that CD. I just had to purchase some. My wife doesn’t know yet, but I am hoping to set up a romantic night with just her and I, with your CD’s in the background. -Rich W., Decatur, IL

I just had to write and thank you for a special evening of music
on Friday evening in Grass Valley. We did as you suggested and stayed for the week-end in Nevada City. It was a very special week-end that we won’t soon forget. My Father passed away a few months ago and we have been struggling with the getting into the Holiday spirit this year. But, your concert and an old fashioned Christmas in the Gold Country certainly lifted our spirits. Thanks again. -Lynn V.

Have been really enjoying your holiday album I bought some years ago while decorating the house, etc. Just wanted you to know and to thank you for adding to my enjoyment of the holidays. Happy holidays to you and your family! -Sandy B.

Love the music. Puts my Honey “in the mood.”Michael A.

I called the radio station (KSSJ – Sacramento) and talked to the DJ. He said he had never heard of you. I recommended he look up your web site and you were an excellent smooth jazz musician well worth sceduling for play time on the sstation. I hope he checks out your site and spins a tune or two of yours. -George R.

I just wanted to let you know how much we really liked the CD (Saxual Healing). It reminded me a little of John Klemmer, one of my favorites. The best of success to you! -Victor Johansen, CFYE Productions LLC

Your music is very soothing to listen to. The sounds just captivate and take the mind to a beautiful day. Keep producing the sounds that make everyone truly enjoy JAZZ. -Adrian

I am writing to you to let you know that I added your music “Away In A Manger ” into the radio rotation. We really enjoy your music. I hope the listener will enjoy it as much as I do. Thank you for allowing me to play your music and if you have any other CD, keep us in mind. -Claude Mackey, Inspirational Jazz,

I love your sax music. I just wanted to wish you well and I love seeing you hit the big time. You and Dave Coz and Boney are my faves. Love, Francesca.

What a wonderful sound! As a fellow musician I must point out Mark’s strengths from a technical viewpoint… beautiful sax tone, (sweet and smooth as hot butter) and his intonation and phrasing…as good as it gets. This guy can play! His sax playing needs no healing! And the songs on this CD (Saxual Healing) are all wonderful examples of smooth jazz mixed with soul, blues, R&B and yes, almost possesing emotional healing powers, like the the title suggests. –Joe Edmonds, saxophonist, London, Ontario, Canada

Listen to the CDs daily. They just hit the spot. I’m sending some to my brother in Tacoma, WA. He loves jazz as well and I know that he’ll get as much enjoyment out of your music as we have! Thanks Mark, your music is beautiful! -Dave F., Lathrop, CA

Hi Mark. I danced and hummed all day and finally purchased your CD (String Of Pearls). I am writing to let you that it was the BEST money I have ever spent. I listen to it all the time and it puts me in such a good mood. Thank you for your artistry and talent. -Lynda L., Twain Harte, CA

Been listening to your CD (Saxual Healing)…All I can say is……AWESOME!!! Great arrangements…cool patches… cool grooves…great horn textures… perfect mix…masterful production…and above all dear friend, your playing is magnificent, soulful, melodic, and has plenty of heart. Thanks for the treat! – Yves V., San Diego, CA

Your “Coltrane Reeder” is among my very favorite songs…….ever! I bought Kokopeli two or three years ago in Savannah, GA (my home). I honestly never listened to it until I started playing my old Dolnet Tenor again a few months ago. Its rare to hear a player go for the bottom end like you do. Perfect! You have the tone and embouchure that is exactly my style. I only wish I had your talent. I have turned all my friends on to you…..You have a pretty good following here. I wish you the best of luck. – Jimmy “Scoop” Olson, Savannah, GA

You have a wonderful sound. On Labor day my wife and I went to Lake Lahontan with the boat and camper, we put the camper on the beach, had a margarita, watched the full moon come up over the mountain and lake and listened to your CDs. That was probably the most perfect music for such an environment! For the rest of the week all we did was listen to your music. What a great sound you have and I will purchase the rest of your cd’s. We talked about the picture of you and your wife on Zuma beach. Tell her my wife thought she looked like Bo Derek. We want to wish you success in your endeaver into ‘the scene’. You are a wonderful musician, and from what I can tell, a nice guy. Please keep us updated of your success. – Mark S.

Mark: I handwrote this little letter for you yesterday on my way back home to Denmark:

It´s tuesday th. 5. september – the time is 07.30 in the morning and i am sitting in Reno International airport waiting at gate B8 to board a flight to Atlanta – and then further back home to Denmark. I have just put your cd, Saxual Healing, on my cd player, that I bought from you at the Rib festival in Sparks sunday afternoon (you signed it for me “to Tina” – and thank you so much for that). Sometimes in your life, you meet people, that you at the very first second, feel that you in some strange way are connected too. I felt that way when i first meet you at the festival this friday night (you came out to me and started to play your saxophone (my friend took a picture of you and me – remember?).

Normally i dont write to people that i dont know – but i just want to tell you, that it is a fantastic cd – it is really getting deep deep under my skin – so you are right – it is saxual healing – and thank you for that.

Maybe you will give a concert in Denmark one day – i really hope so.

Take care – Tina, Denmark

I just wanted you to know I think you are every bit as good as Klemmer, if not better, and I will be buying the rest of your collection (I bought Saxual Healing the other day). Been a long time since I heard good sax like this. My friend you have gift and someday you will hit it big. Take care – we will be watching for you. By the way, I do work for KRNV News Channel 4 in Reno so if there is anything I can do to advance your career don’t hesitate to ask. KEEP MAKING GOOD MUSIC – Robert, Reno, NV

I found your site through Google. My significant other lives just south of Dallas ( our executive offices will be in Dallas in a few months, so I am trying to be patient.) He travels a lot with his business….. and we both enjoy good music. I was looking for something appropriate to play during dinner ( he managed to sneak a weekend away from work to visit), and I came across many sites, none of which had quite what I was looking for. As I continued to run through the Google results, I came across your site. Upon reading the “bio” on Saxual Healing, and listening to a snippit, it was EXACTLY what I was looking for!! You helped make it a perfect night, thank you!! I must say that we both really enjoy your music, you are very talented!! Thank you again! – Jodi Hand, Liberal, KS

I heard Mark today for the first time on my way to work in San Jose on 98.5 FM. What a treat! Had to get his CDs right away! – Arthur C., Ben Lomond, CA

Your original arrangements are the best! I have found nothing that compares with your musical interpretation of the Big Sur Coast ! I would be happy to buy any of your ambient music… – James J.

We want to thank you for performing at our impromptu reception at Orozko on June 17, 2006. You were a wonderful unplanned addition to our big day, we enjoyed your music so very much as did the rest of our family and friends. Thank you for making the day even more memorable, your music was simply beautiful and we enjoyed adding you to our evening. Thank you again. – Ciara and Jason

Greetings from Poughkeepsie, NY. I first heard your music back in the mid 90’s. I was in LA to visit a sick friend and took some time to go to a festival. I heard this beautiful sax playing in the distance. I followed the sound, chatted with you, and purchased your CD Desert Dreams. That day was a nice break from an otherwise sad trip. After many years I dug that CD out the other day and played it. I had forgotten how fun and breezy it is! It also brought back some pleasant memories for me and made me think of my friend who has since passed away. Just wanted to thank you for the great music and the pleasant memories! I’ll be playing DD for a while! And now I’ll pull out Kokopeli and play that too! Take care! -Brian T.

I was totally blown away from the very first track. Mark Maxwell is the most talented, romantic player I’ve ever heard, and knows how to get the right arrangement behind him to compliment, yet not overshadow his playing. I wanted slow dance and hold the one I love, right from the first ten seconds of the CD. I take this CD with me wherever I might want to dance with my special lady, even in a battery-powered CD player out on the beach at night. It puts me in the mood, and helps me to remember how lucky I am to have someone to love. God’s gift landed smack-dab right on Mark, because you can’t teach that kind of musical ability. – Chris Jackson

Air Personality/Producer
The Greg Kihn Show
San Jose, CA

Love, love, love it!!! -Shirley K.

We love your music. We recently purchased Always as a download, and love it. With the cds we are purchasing today we will have all of your CDs except Kokopeli, and one Christmas CD. Thank You for the great music. -Vicky M.

Purchased all 12 of your CDs. I have listened to half of them already and I love everything that I’ve heard. Keep me on your list of where you are performing and when you have new CDs released. -Margo S.

I compiled 16 songs off of your various CDs, and use it for my wind-down at the very end of the evening. It actually helps me to purge the day’s stresses and cleanse the thoughts that I don’t want to carry over into the next day. -Marvin E.

I have been listening to all the CD’s I purchased and just love, love, love them! -Carolann E.

Mark, we just received Saxual Healing. This is easily one of your best yet and I think we have every one of your albums. Sandi wants to know if the beautiful woman on the cover art is your wife. We truly enjoy your work and hope to continue listening to new recordings for a long time. -Mike & Sandy

I received Saxual Healing and immediately played it; my husband and I love it, as we do all your CD’s, and we will continue to look forward tomore great music from you. It was worth the wait! Thanks!! –Sandy & Mike

I received Saxual Healing in the mail today and immediately played it. Like all your others, this is wonderful. I have everything that you have recorded and I love them all. I share it with friends and just listen when I need to be alone with my thoughts. Thank you for giving the world such wonderful music. –Chris P.

Hello Mark, JUST got your new CD, listened to it three times last night, and it is outstanding. Somehow Saxual Healing is different than your others, and might even be better than my favorite, Dance With Me. Very nice! Great cover, too. –Margaret & Don

Well you did it this time! You took my emotions, rolled them into a ball and slammed them into the wall leaving me a whimpering soul! I’m not a young person (74), and have heard a lot of musicians in my time, but you rank at the top of the list for sax players. I don’t know how you do it, but you make your sax talk my language. I don’t know how you will ever be able to top Saxual Healing, but I will be standing by. A loyal listener and fan, -Al M., Sacramento, CA

I’m listening to your ‘And I Love Her‘ CD. WOW, am I glad to have met you. Not only do I adore you and your gift of music, I think I can use your CD’s in promoting my business. I’ll sign out, as I’m listening to Carol King’s, “You’ve Got A Friend”, and I do think I have just make a new friend!!! –Tricia

Love the 2 disc’s we purchased from you, Dance With Me & Blue Moon. You are one of our favorites now and perhaps forever…….See ya soon, :Cadillac Jack & Delta Dawn 🙂

Absolutely phenomenal music! We’re completely in love with these CDs. My grandfather was a professional musician in the 40’s and 50’s. He toured with Benny Goodman and Tommy Dorsey so the CD “String of Pearls” was a positively nostalgic experience. I believe it would be impossible to pick a favorite of these CDs. Each one is outstanding! Many thanks for sharing such incredible talents and gifts! – Heather L. Jeffries


Your music is truly spectacular. I have been a fan of your music for a number of years. I love your arrangements and compositions. As you have told me before “I’m a big fan of yours” because I have all of your albums. I enjoy them immensely and after I purchase one of them, I anxiously await the next release. I just wanted to let you know how I feel about your music. – Tom Anello

My dad LOVES your string of pearls cd. he’s become somewhat of a computer user (mostly word processing, but he’s on it all the time) and he leaves it in the computer and plays it every day and then says to me regularly, i really like that sax cd. of course, i know which one cuz i gave it to him. i’m just happy he likes is so much. he’s not easy to please. he has a cd library of about 800! so good job! and thanks – Tracie

I was surprised and delighted to receive the Saxomonica Blues cd…and even more delighted at hearing it. I exercise to music (“jazzercise”), and I will dance to this cd, though I’ll try not to get carried away and pull a tendon. Your Midnight Mood cd, which you sent me in exchange for your photo portrait, is equally good. I used to be prejudiced against the sax because there were so many shriekers, but the playing style has changed, and so have I. To my ear, you are up there with the very best; and you and Meredith play beautifully together. Thank you, – Robert

I listen to your music everynight to go to sleep. That is a very good thing for me because I have problems sleeping. It seems to help me unwind. I also like to listen to them in the car. I was glad to see you at the asparagas festival again this year. I purchased Blue Moon and I love it. I buy every sax cd I see, yours is the best. You seem to play with such feeling. Please, keep making more. – Becky

Mark, a friend of mine just told me about you and your wonderful music. IT IS GREAT She says she has 5 of your CDs. (This is one of the first times in a long time that I wished I wrote something besides patriotic and/or inspirational music.) I am sending my brother in Montana, a tenor sax player, your address. I know he will like it. Take care, keep playing and may God Bless. – Joe Lantz

Two beautiful new CDs. You put us to sleep – but that is a good thing. We used to fall asleep to the television and nightly news and neither of us having a complete night’s rest. We purchased our first of many CDs by you several years ago, turned off the television and have been resting comfortably ever since! Thanks for your hard work and making our lives better – Karen & Dave

We have listened to your CD’s since you started…..Love them and love you and your music….. and no one can compare to your sound……..Keep it up…….love your new sight…….Lordy we even can listen to your jamming music on the web……thanks for your music………Keep it coming….!!! – John & Marsha

Mark – your music is simply incredible. You are blessed with a talent that is unique and deeply touching. I truly feel you are one of the best saxophone players I have ever heard and can only wish you the best. I know you’ll have a following of people who are connected to your music. Reach for a star – your musical talent sure reflects like one. – Mary C.

Hi Mark: I LOVE your music. The Sax has always been my favorite instrument. I remember telling you “I love the Sax”. I want to purchase some tapes for my new car, so I will go shopping now. Good luck to you in all that you do and keep the sweet Sax coming our way. – Jean Laosantos

Hi Mark, My sister and I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful music that you have made for all of us to enjoy. Your music is great!!! We will be telling our friends about your music. Thank you, Shelly and Dee

Hey Mark. You are so good and the music is wonderful. Yours is some of the finest music I have ever heard. I have become a lifelong fan. Where have you been all my life? Iknow, for the first half of it you weren’t even born.!!!!!! Thank you so very much – Barbara

Hello Mark… 10 Years ago you played your soprano sax for my son and you inspired him to play. I purchased all your CD’s that day and have since ordered others as they become available. I need to order your last two! You’re great! Keep up the great work … You are very bless with a wonderful talent and you bless others with your music! – Janna Lloyd

Your music is fabulous. I have turned my fellow Central Illinoisans into jazz enthusiasts thru your music. I cant wait to receive your new CD. – Karen Vercellina

Wow!!! I’ve just heard String of Pearls and it’s better than great. This is my first hearing of your music and I want more, more, more.- jerry hansen

Mark, I went online to order another cd. Kokopeli is my favorite. It also appears to be the favorite of the girls I date. This will be my 4th copy I am going to buy. Also my last. I’m not letting the girls have it any more. Sorry for your sales but I will give them your address so you can sale them their own copy. Thanks for the great music over the years. – Dino

Mark, over time I believe, I now must own your whole collection. My favorit is from the Sweet Sax cd,”I give you my love and my life”. As I told your brother this he smiled and gave me a wonderful idea. I am getting married this year and I dont know why I had’nt thought of it before, but that song is going to be played at our wedding. – Bobbie

Bro, As I told you during your recent visit back home, your recordings have awakened my somewhat dormant passion for playing the saxophone…were it not for “Dance With Me“, I’m not sure if I ever would’ve gotten back to my first love, my saxophone. Words cannot express my gratitude for your kindness and inspiration over the years. You are a huge talent, and a constant source of pride for me. I love you, man. – Phil Maxwell

…I own eight of your albums. The latest, String of Pearls, is playing as I write this. I spend my summers at my home on Lake Michigan and each year I bring a mess of CDs up from down state. They invariably set the mood for me as the sun gets low in the sky and I look out over the Lake. A glass of good wine,the beauty of Lake Michigan and the sounds of your music put me in a mood that cannot be matched. It seems as though a selection of five of your CDs are always on my changer. – Jerry

As my sister and I were walking by this wonderful aroma of music caught our ears. My eyes closed momentarily and I couldn’t believe the wonderful sounds I heard. Thank you for the wonderful music you create. you are wonderful! – Mary

Your music is beautiful. There are a number of wonderfully talented musical “Mark Maxwell”s. A Guitarist in Athens, GA, a pianist from Edmunton, OK, and yourself. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket myself. Good luck. – Mark Maxwell

Hey Bruttha…I picked up all your CD’s; I have been mesmerized ever since. You’ve made a fan for life! – Johnny G

Hi Mark, I just bought your x-mas CD……even tho it’s August i listened to it all the way home and i’m hooked!!! You are wonderful, and a very sweet man too….thanks for signing it for me…I will be getting more of your CD’s…keep the sweet sax coming our way…thanks. – Robin

Hi Mark, we now have all your cd’s, hope you have another one in mind ready to be released soon, as we can’t get enough of your lovely music. We don’t have a favorite, it is all wonderful. Thank you for your musical talent, it makes our life richer. – Victoria

Hi, Mark! My copy of “Midnight Mood” recently disappeared. (I’m sure it found a good home!) Since it is my favorite, I’m ordering 3 more copies. I want to make sure that I always have one. I can’t tell you how many copies of your CDs I’ve bought for family and friends over the years! I love your instrumentals! They really speak to my heart and soul. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talent! – Vicki

Hi Mark, I just Bought 5 of your cd’s and I have been listening to them since I brought them home. Now I’m on line trying to decide which CDs I will purchase next, Your music is fabulous.You’ve made a fan for life! Thanks for the great music, Good luck. – Arlan Duwayne Robinson

You exemplify the meaning of preeminence with your style and music. Good luck in the future. – Deb Kurtz

Hey Mark, I picked up your Christmas CD’s a few years back. Every year I put your CD’s in my disc changer as part of my Christmas music! I’ve really enjoyed listening to it while getting ready for the holidays. It’s also great for holiday get-togethers. You music is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your great talent. – Victoria LaBruzzo

Stunning – simply stunning. – Andy Keen

Hi Mark, I bought all 5 CD’s and love them all. That’s something I normally don’t do. But I’m glad I did. Will you be playing in the bay area soon? I’ll be checking out your web site more. Thanks for the great music and PLEASE don’t change your style. – Gail Franklin

Mark I am man of the horn myself, and I play on a regular basis at my church. I have been playing for 20 years now and I can say that of all the instruments, the sax has the most mystery to it and endless possibilities. We play contemporary Christian Music, and it has a sweet swing to it. I have listened to your samples and they are wonderful. You have a similar style to mine. I have played in Jazz Fusion, Stage Bands,and around the college I attended. You are truly an inspiration. Keep up the good work. Very few people understand the joy and appreciation of good saxophone music, by I will always stand behind you with my passion for the horn and the beauty that you create with it. I look to purchase CD’s from you in the near future. Take care, and keep it real. If you wish to email me from time to time about the sax, I will be more than happy to sit and exchange emails with you. Big L AKA “Fingers” – Big L


You are fantastic! My father raised me on jazz and I know talent when I hear it! You have it. My father has passed on but passed on to me a love for jazz and standards. I regret he never had the chance to hear your talent! I have spread the word to others here in this jazz starved town! I will be purchasing more of your CD’s! Thanks! – Bill Johnson

Received the CDs and am enjoying them. Took them to a cook-out last night and they made a big hit. A professional saxophonist was there and he was impressed with your talent. Am looking forward to more of your great Jazz in the future. – – JIM D

Mark, my sister and I are both crazy about your music. It is so smoooooooth. I can’t wait to order your cd’s. Keep up the good work and best of luck to you and your wife!! – Tina

I picked up String of Pearls and listened to it on the drive back to Southern California …So true…Sweet Sax it is. I haven’t heard such a smooth sound in ages…..Really like your music….and am looking to see if you have anymore swing cd’s. – Rachel

Mark, I received Saxomonica Blues in the mail today. AWESOME! What more can I say? – Bill L

Hi Mark. As a former neighbor who had the privledge of listening to you rehearse in the fire escape…how could I not be a HUGE fan. All I can say is MORE PLEASE!! Thank you for your talent. – Teri

I bought a boat and your CD “And I Love Her” was in the CD player. I fell in love with it! I’m asking for others for Christmas. I love your music. – Rita

Hi Mark, when I heard your music,I could’t beleave what a beautiful sound I heard.I bought your CD Nearness and I love the song Poincianna I put it on repeat and play over,and over I’m afraid I’m going to wear it out! – Gerry

LOVE your music, LOVE your style!!! I started listening to my old Christmas CD’s in mid November. I was so sad to put “A Merry Little Christmas” and “Sweet Sax Christmas” away last year and now I am so happy to be able to hear your music again. Mark, your musical ear is so wonderful!! I am waiting on Oprah Winfrey to contact you, I wrote her to tell her you ARE SOMETHING SHE SHOULD HEAR! Good Luck! – Christyna

Mark, You have such an amazing talent. Your style of music has inspired some of my playing. I play a variety of rythym instruments, and you music has branched me out into diffent jazz sounds. I started listening to some of your music about two years ago, but finally managed to get to your website. You are amazing and are inspiring. God Bless. – Adrian M.

Mark, you are a truly gifted saxophonist. Your CDs BIG SUR and Sweet Sax are phenomenal. I’m looking forward to someday catching you in concert and listening to more of your music. – Orlean